Classic motor vehicles bring huge prices!

classic motor vehicles

Last night’s Shannons Motor vehicle auction in Melbourne saw some great prices achieved for some classic motor vehicles that we can all identify with. The completed auction saw 68 lots sold and 4 passed in! I’m sure many in our audience would love to go back in time and keep those beloved cars that we sold off many years ago for very little! Classic motor vehicles today are bringing great dollars and are often considered a “better than money in the bank” investment.

Highlights of the auction were:

  • 76 Ford LTD P5 sell for $21,000
  • 78 Ford Fairmont XC GXL 4.9L sell for $27,500
  • 73 Holden Torana LJ GTR XU1 sell for $112,000
  • 71 Ford GT Falcon selling out at $127,000
Classic Cars Bring Huge Prices
This 1971 XY GT Falcon achieved a sell price of $127,000 at last nights auction. (Photo: Shannons)

Lots of motor vehicle memorabilia sold well with the Shell pump (featured Image) selling for $3,500.00. Classic motor vehicle auctions are held most months by Shannons in Melbourne.

Further details of the auction results are available on the Shannons Website.

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Alana Lowes
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