From China to Canberra – Music with all the sweeping grandeur of an epic film or novel!

China National Opera

The world-renowned China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre is currently touring nationally to perform its Treasures of a Nation: Chinese New Year Concert 2017.  Its last port of call is Canberra this Thursday and Imogen A. Rose shares her rave review for those last minute tickets.

This is a wonderful opportunity to embrace the rich culture, history and beauty of China.  

It is an experience for all the senses!   Indeed, so evocative and powerful is the music that the audience is transported through the history and heart of China.  Music is a universal language.  Thus, remembrances, feelings, hopes, wonder, sadness and joy all swirl within the creativity of sound.

There is a grandeur and elusive energy contained within the orchestral concatenation of a splendid selection of popular and traditional instrumental works.  And there is even a homage to Australia at the end that will certainly delight guests!

The prestigious China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre was founded in 1951. Since this time, the company has entertained and enthralled presidents, royalty and of course, the masses.

The Orchestra is composed of over 50 musicians led by conductor Hong Xia. The artists are clearly at one with their respective instruments and perform with a palpable awareness of their role within this musical odyssey.  This is especially true of the mesmerizing and inspiring solo performances.

Thus the audience hears the siren’s call and willingly embarks upon a journey of imagination that has all the grandeur of an epic film or novel.    

Certainly, the distinctive, traditional, Chinese musical instruments provide fascination for many.  There is a curiosity and pleasure in trying to determine how the sounds are made.  Fingers delicately dance like floating butterflies upon the Erhu (a two-stringed bowed musical instrument) producing a far broader spectrum of sound, than one would imagine possible!

The compositions are deliberately elaborate and emotive providing the evening with a dramatic majesty.

With so much apparent anxiety and stress in everyday life, why not allow the serene power of this rewarding experience to imbue the heart and mind with the wonders of another world – a magical escape that transcends time and place.  CDs are also available through Ausfeng Events of 02 91861588.


When: ANU Llewellyn Hall, Canberra, 16 Feb 7.30 pm.

For the final show on tour, there are last minute sales of ‘buy one get one free on A reserve’.  Head to to purchase.


Imogen A. Rose is a writer based in Brisbane.  She is a Director of Rose Media


China national opera

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