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How to make some money for your next overseas holiday NOW!

scholarship for retirees

Travel is the number one goal for retirees, but as we know, travelling and holidays all cost money. Here are some top tips for saving for your next dream trip.


Explore the west for less this Summer

Take a unique rail journey and discover landscapes which inspired poets and artists alike, where towering blue sky meets the sunburnt red earth on the horizon. Remember the last time you packed your bags for an adventure? What about an adventure without ANY driving? The time’s come to explore the outback with a Queensland Rail


Life Begins At… Paradise!


Seeing the pale turquoise waters of the Aitutaki lagoon in Cook Islands, did you ever make a note, ‘Now that’s a place to visit’? Or when browsing through Youtube videos of Polynesian Fire Knife Dance, an errant thought wondered if you’d ever get a chance to clap to the hypnotic beats… with a chilled cocktail


Your Free guide to Retirement Living

Are you thinking about downsizing and curious about the different types of retirement accommodation available? Everyone has different needs, priorities and budgets, which is why this comprehensive 12 page Retire Well guide is a very helpful guide for those contemplating a move to a seniors’ community. All you need to do is click the link


Get a lift for spring

Since opening in 1996 Lift Shop/ Elevator Boutique has grown into a go-to provider of home elevators for all types of lift projects, especially retrofits to existing homes. Working with an Italian components supplier, builders and an array of others for design elements such as custom glass and stone, Lift Shop has delivered scores of


Your ideas, Our Experts for travel anywhere in the world

Organising small group tours can be a bit of a headache, even for the professionals, but this shouldn’t put you off the notion of hosting one of your own especially if you have an area of expertise that you are dying to share or a loyal following that you just love to spend time with.


Problems in Retirement Villages

Recent investigations and reports into retirement villages by ABC’s 4 Corners television program and Fairfax Media reveals financial exploitation of older people living in retirement villages. Many are locked into contracts with providers where the older person carries exorbitant financial risk. Contracts appear to have been designed in order to extract as much money from


Get acquainted with Queensland, by Rail

At Queensland Rail Travel, we’re passionate about our beautiful state and we want you to experience everything it has to offer. We’ll help you get there. Step aboard the refurbished Tilt Train for a quick Queensland holiday and discover just how much long-distance commuting has changed. Whether you’re wanting to explore the Southern Great Barrier


The Imperial Bells of China proudly returns to Australia this winter!

A spellbinding sound filled with beauty, romance & solemnity. Experience the lost world of “Ten Kingdoms” with unique ancient Chinese bells this July!


Navigating the ups and downs of life after work


The newfound freedom and opportunities provided by retirement can be liberating. Still, it’s natural to experience some ups and downs at various stages of your post-work journey. The good news is, you’re probably not alone in your experiences.