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Nationwide microchip blitz to keep Aussie pets out of pounds


Have you ever considered what would happen if your dog or cat went A.W.O.L.? How would you find your furry buddy if he or she were to wind up in a shelter? Microchipping can be the key to reuniting lost pets with their owners and can even save a pet’s life.


Dr Chris Brown is prescribing pet ownership to the government

Dr Chris Brown

Pet owners are saving the healthcare system $2 billion dollars a year according to new statistics. On the back of this new data, and to help relieve the pain of ballooning healthcare budgets, well known veterinarian Dr Chris Brown is prescribing pets to Federal and State governments.


Man’s best friend keeps older owners active

man's best friend

Walking the dog may boost older people’s physical activity, come rain or shine, is linked to less daily sitting time and could be part of exercise on prescription, say researchers. It’s hard to ignore a dog desperate to go out for its daily walk, and UK researchers say the sad puppy eyes guilt trip is what helps


Our pets strengthen neighbourhood ties


Talk to any pet owner and you are bound to invoke stories about the joy and companionship of having a pet. But evidence is mounting that the effect of pets extends beyond their owners and can help strengthen the social fabric of local neighbourhoods. Now a cross-national study involving Perth, Australia, and three US cities


Do dogs make people healthier?


The University of Sydney is seeking non-dog owners for a world-first study examining how living with man’s best friend can influence human health.


A NEW strain of the deadly canine parvovirus has been confirmed on Australian shores for the first time.


Researchers at the University of Adelaide have found cases of the contagious virus, CPV-2c, in South Australia and Victoria over the past two years. A number of suspicious cases have also been red flagged in Queensland and Northern Territory.


Does a wet nose mean a healthy dog?

It’s every veterinarian’s go-to scenario when contemplating the oldest of laments: “If I had a dollar for every time an owner brought their dog in saying ‘She must be sick – she’s got a dry nose’,” or, ‘He can’t be sick – he’s got a wet nose!’” A Dog with wet nose equals pooch in


Video: Dogs visit spa for the first time

dogs visit day spa

Amazing dogs deserve an amazing treat and it looks like this doggie retreat centre is what doggie dreams are made of! Watch as dogs visit spa for the first time.


How a dogs needs change as they age

ageing dog

Just like humans, ageing dogs show signs of getting older. When your dogs stops jumping into the car or off the lounge or it can no longer hear its name when called, these are all signals of ageing.


Summertime with pets

summertime with pets

If you love summer, then chances are your pet will too. Dr Jo Righetti offers her expert tips on how to keep your pets cool in the heat, take them on holiday or simply soak up the summertime with pets at home. Hot hounds and cool cats Summer in Australia can be hot. Imagine how