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Beauty tips for women over 50

beauty over 50

Beautiful skin, a beautiful body and a beautiful sense of style does not have an end once you hit 50s.


Ken Sutcliffe – Back to where it all began

ken sutcliffe

After fifty years on our airwaves and screens Ken Sutcliffe has called it a day and is heading back to where it all began, in his home town of Mudgee. Dan Morris met up with Ken for a chat.


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free magazine

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How viewing cute animals can help rekindle marital spark

cute animals

One of the well-known challenges of marriage is keeping the passion alive after years of partnership, as passions tend to cool even in very happy relationships. Psychological scientists have now developed an unconventional intervention for helping a marriage maintain its spark: pictures of puppies and bunnies.


Frequent sexual activity can boost brain power in older adults

sexual activity

More frequent sexual activity has been linked to improved brain function in older adults, according to a new study.


Our pets strengthen neighbourhood ties


Talk to any pet owner and you are bound to invoke stories about the joy and companionship of having a pet. But evidence is mounting that the effect of pets extends beyond their owners and can help strengthen the social fabric of local neighbourhoods. Now a cross-national study involving Perth, Australia, and three US cities


Pod Chocolate: a sweet story


After working to save Indonesian forests, an Australian man’s curiosity for chocolate led him on a remarkable journey that has transformed lives, the land and the way cocoa is grown and chocolate is made in Indonesia. Pod Chocolate is now a Balinese byword for quality and a sign of pride for those who grow the


How to open your heart when you are hurting

We have all been hurt, disappointed, let down, had our hearts broken. It is natural to retreat, to go into lockdown, to shut down our hearts in an attempt to protect ourselves. We want to feel happy, to open our heart and let more light in, but we just can’t. Rebecca Jackson looks at how


Is your clothing ageing you? Why even Nigella Lawson shouldn’t wear all black….

clothing ageing

Your hair is full and chic, makeup flawless, but is your choice of outfit weighing down that youthful exhauburance. Channel Nine stylist, Alex Wilson has revealed the very simple, yet all too common mistakes women are making which can dramatically add years onto your appearance.


Australians want insurance against the burden of old age

old age

With the cost of caring for the elderly increasing, and the population ageing, Australia needs new sources of funding for aged care. In many parts of the world some of the cost is borne by private insurance, and new research shows there is demand for this in Australia as well.