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Best (and geekiest) signs from the March for Science rallies around the globe

march for science

Scientists and science enthusiasts alike took to the streets over the weekend on Earth Day to March for Science and support a worthwhile cause: facts. Of course the signs were amazing. Here are a few of the best and the geekiest signs from the March for Science rallies around the world. Because reason rules.  


From Burundi to Australia: Transplanting farming know-how


Far from their native home in eastern Africa, a group of former refugees have brought their traditional farming methods to their new home in Victoria’s north writes Dr Olivia Dun.


200,000 more women into decent work by 2025: How can Australia achieve this G20 goal?

How can Australia boost women’s workforce participation? Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer tackles the topic head on, and urges us to take action right now!


More Australians eating chocolate (even when it’s a gift for someone else!)


As anybody who has ventured into a supermarket recently would know, Easter is upon us. So it’s no surprise that many Australians have chocolate on their mind. Or is Easter just a convenient excuse? After all, the country’s chocolate consumption is on the rise, with more Aussies eating chocolate bars, blocks and boxed chocolates than


Hilarious video wife pulls water bottle prank on her husband

water bottle prank

Her laugh is contagious, watch the hilarious moment wife pull epics water bottle prank on her husband…..please share to give everyone a laugh today!  


Cyclone Debbie: we can design cities to withstand these natural disasters

cyclone debbie

What happens after Cyclone Debbie is a familiar process. It has been repeated many times in cities around the world. The reason is that our cities are not designed for these types of events. Rob Roggema of the University of Technology Sydney discusses why we can actually design cities to withstand these natural disasters.


Political correctness madness over word ‘mateship’ on war memorial on Kokoda


The ABC is reporting a war of words has erupted between a former war veteran and the foreign affairs department over its decision to remove the word “mateship” from a Kokoda memorial.


Video: The easiest way to escape a sinking vehicle. knowing HOW might save your life

sinking vehicle

In this video below, Geoff Fahringer, who is an expert diver, demonstrates what to do in a sinking vehicle by rolling it down a ramp and into an 8 foot deep canal with him inside, and later in the video, with several people. For a dozen years, he’s been on the dive rescue team for the Collier


Fragrance health problems


The smells we put in everything from air fresheners to household cleaners are making a third of us feel sick, but there are no regulations for labelling the harmful chemicals they use. A University of Melbourne researcher has found that one-third of Australians report health problems — ranging from migraine headaches to asthma attacks —


Commonwealth Games calls for Batonbearer nominations

Commonwealth Games batonbearer

Give someone an opportunity to Share the Dream! Batonbearers will inspire others with their passion and commitment to sport and community and be excited to represent and promote the Commonwealth Games.