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How to inspire ‘millennials’ to garden

edible garden

As Baby Boomers continue to retire and downsize, a new generation of gardeners – the much-maligned Millennials – is poised to pick up where the Boomers have left off. They’re ready and able to grab a shovel, to grow their own food, and to decorate their own spaces – be it a backyard garden in


4 top tips for your edible garden

edible garden

Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits, and can be enjoyed by everyone. People with disabilities, older people and children can find it especially rewarding to spend time in the garden growing their own food. With some planning and thought, you can create an interesting, productive and pleasant space that can be used as an


Extending the vegetable harvest (or avoiding the glut!)

vegetable harvest

Prolific vegetables – such as zucchini – produce more fruit each season than you know what to do with, but others bear for a short time only. Successive planting of vegetable crops is a reliable way of spreading the harvest through the season, but other tricks are less well-known. Read on for practical tips by


Berber home and garden, Morocco


East of Marrakech, over Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, a desert landscape riddled with spectacular gorges and valleys presides. Louise McDaid explores exotic berber gardens of the east.


Review: Mr Fothergill’s Roll ‘n’ Grow Garden


In August 2016, seed distributor Mr Fothergill’s released their newest product – the Roll ’n’ Grow Garden. It’s a mat pre-sown with different seed varieties, that you literally just roll out, or unfold, and Voila! you have a salad veggie garden made easy. So how well did it work for Anna Evans of Garden Drum?


Take the ancient Silk Road to a 2,500-year old garden

ancient silk road garden

Nowhere but Iran can you walk among the ruins of a garden created more than 2,500 years ago. Nowhere else on earth can you find an entire suite of nine UNESCO World Heritage Persian Gardens. And nowhere else has one guiding principle of garden design not only persisted for more than two millennia, but also


Classical gardens and art in China

gardens china

Western thinking on garden history tends to be almost unconsciously European in focus – we might evoke the eighteenth century, and think of ha-has and arboreta, or perhaps a Renaissance Italian stroll garden, ornamented with classical statuary. But when mediaeval apothecaries were busy enclosing medicinal herbs in box compartments, one of our greatest cultures was


Choosing hedges for a subtropical garden

subtropical garden

Are you living in a subtropical climate? Kate Wall from Garden Drum has some great tips for choosing the perfect subtropical hedging.


Top vegetables for shady gardens

vegetable garden

Many of us picture the perfect vegetable garden in full sun. Fair enough; most veggies perform at their best when they are exposed to around ‘six hours full sun a day’. If you’ve got a small backyard that is surrounded by buildings and trees, it’s difficult to find a spot that gets six hours, but


Succulent nails…the newest gardening/beauty trend

succulent nails

I assume we can call this gardening….or it is beauty?? Whatever it is, it is the latest trend using teeny tiny succulents.  Here is a little how to video for succulent nails and they looking simply stunning!