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Beauty tips for women over 50

beauty over 50

Beautiful skin, a beautiful body and a beautiful sense of style does not have an end once you hit 50s.


Is your clothing ageing you? Why even Nigella Lawson shouldn’t wear all black….

clothing ageing

Your hair is full and chic, makeup flawless, but is your choice of outfit weighing down that youthful exhauburance. Channel Nine stylist, Alex Wilson has revealed the very simple, yet all too common mistakes women are making which can dramatically add years onto your appearance.


26 stylish seniors who refuse to wear old-people clothes

stylish seniors

They say that age is simply a state of mind. Being older doesn’t mean you live a life any less exciting. Sometimes a millenial might live a drab boring life, whereas a 90 year old might still be jumping out of planes sky diving. Whatever your adventure, as photographer Ari Seth Cohen has portrayed, being older


Australian couture making waves on the red carpet

Paul Vasileff

In 2016 Australian fashion designer Paul Vasileff made his Paris debut with a haute couture collection of gowns that each took between 800 and 1500 hours to embroider. A favourite on the red carpet as well as in the couture realm, the 2017 Young Australian of the Year is taking over the fashion world in


Ponds Cold Cream – beauty regimes of the past vs the latest skincare trends

ponds cold cream

Remember Ponds Cold Cream – the dominating force in skincare in the 60s and 70s? Beauty trends come and go, and now as we become more and more informed we are trending towards organic skin care, nutrient based and there is an increasing demand for healthier skin products. So what skincare products have you always


Succulent nails…the newest gardening/beauty trend

succulent nails

I assume we can call this gardening….or it is beauty?? Whatever it is, it is the latest trend using teeny tiny succulents.  Here is a little how to video for succulent nails and they looking simply stunning!


Surfing in the Sixties

surfing in the sixties

With the warm weather on it’s way and beach season just around the corner, we can’t think of a better book to dive into than Surfing in the Sixties. The Australian surfing boom in the 60s bred innovation in photography, art, music, cars and other pop culture landmarks. Through the images of some of Australia’s great surfing


Youtube beauty vlogger at 68

Tricia Cudsen applying makeup

When the term “beauty vlogger” is thrown about, it conjures images of young preppy videos with teens road testing the latest strawberry lipgloss. With a huge growth in women aged 55-75 now online daily, there is a new market for beauty tips that are more about caring for dehydrated skin rather than glitter make-up. Frustrated by the


Video: how to prepare your skin for applying makeup

In this video Tricia Cusden talks through her skin routine for applying makeup from cleansing to night creams and primers, which she finds helps to keep her acne rosacea under control. Find out more information about Tricia and her popular youtube beauty vlogs here


Five reasons to invest in a leather jacket

It’s an item that never dates and is a must-have in the cooler seasons – the humble leather jacket. Our style columnist Connie Matthews shares five reasons to invest in a leather jacket.  It’s fair to say that as a personal stylist I help, and love to help, women find a style that lifts their confidence