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Kate Middleton sparks change: there’s no shame in not buying new

Kate Middleton

Later this month I’m attending a wedding. I’m going to wear a dress I’ve worn before. In fact, it’s a dress I’ve worn many times before. People are appalled. Rachel Smith talks about the change Kate Middleton has brought with her love of recycling outfits.


Hairstyles for older women – short, medium or long!

hairstyles for older women

Hairstyles for older women with medium, long and short hair over 50, 60 and 70 years.  Watch this video for some seriously amazing hair inspiration!


5 stylish weekend fashion ideas

weekend fashion

From casual boho to chic classic, we have picked some very stylish mature ladies to give you your weekend fashion inspiration. Head to the food markets or a long lunch with the ladies and look fashion forward every step of the way.  Happy weekend!


15 gorgeous older models who are absolutely stunning

older models

These women have proven your modelling career can extend long past your 20s.


Heading to the northern hemisphere soon? How to staying chic and warm when travelling

chic and warm when travelling

If you are heading to the northern hemisphere in the near future or over Christmas, you need to be packing some warmer clothes. By-pass the frumpy fashion feeling when trying to stay warm and pack these chic winter tips by fashion stylist Alarna Hope.


Thin lips? How to make them appear fuller

thin lips

Lips can often grow thin and lose colour over the years, and those annoying little lip lines can add years to your face. But you don’t to go down the path of invasive lip fillers, try these great tips to fill out your pout, even up your smile and give you a natural full look to


Hooded, droopy eyes – the do’s and dont’s

hooded eyes

Popular Youtube beauty Vlogger, Nisha from Sugar Puff and Fluff, shows you tricks for hooded eyes makeup. Hooded eyes are lovely, but as we get older they can make us look tired and make the eye shadow application more challenging.


How to: Under eye concealer on mature skin without creasing

under eye concealer

Popular Youtube beauty vlogger, Nisha from Sugar Puff and Fluff guides you through how to apply an under eye concealer on mature skin to minimise creasing and settling in fine lines. 


Handsome silver foxes to make you weak at the knees

handsome silver foxes

Some men are like wine, they get better with age. Check out these handsome silver foxes who are certainly defying the Hollywood standard of “younger is better”. We love these guys!


Best hairstyles for men over 50

men's hairstyles

A graceful man is who appears appealing even as he ages. Appearance is one part of what makes up your personality and tells a lot about one person. And how are men’s hairstyles important in that aspect? Hairstyles or haircuts act as a makeover for you and who doesn’t love the feel of a freshly cut