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The ethical future of bionic vision

bionic vision

As researchers refine the capabilities of bionic eyes, restoring sight to some blind people may be just around the corner. But what are the ethical implications of ‘artificial’ sight? Max Slattery from the University of Melbourne reports on the bionic vision debate.


Contact lenses: nothing to be squeamish about

The story of the woman in the US who had a clump of 27 contact lenses removed from under her eyelid made the world’s eyes water when it went viral recently.


Top ten foods to improve your eye health

eye health

It’s a common adage that carrots are good for your eyes. But is that really true? Luke Arundel, Resident Optometrist at Optometry Australia addresses the question, and lists the top ten foods that will boost your eye health and help you protect them from eye disease.


The problem with buying glasses online

buying glasses online

While many of us increasingly enjoy the convenience of online shopping, it remains that some things should simply be bought in a regular store. For example, jeans are in the must-try-on-first category for many people. Unless you’re a swimwear model, bikinis might also fit in that boat. And, for different reasons, glasses are best bought


Threat of vision loss a motivator to quit smoking

quit smoking

 Could the reason to finally quit smoking be looking us in the eye? Smoking can increase the risk of vision loss, says Optometry Australia, the peak body for optometrists, which urges any serious conversation about quitting smoking to include the adverse impact of smoking on eye health.


Prevent sore eyes and save your relationship – put the smartphone down

The pervasive presence of smartphones is having a detrimental effect on Australians’ eyesight. Australian research shows that a 60-minute reading task on a smartphone results in increased eye strain symptoms. Despite the vast majority of Australians ranking loss of sight as their number one health concern, our use of digital devices and its associated eye


The ‘Ageing Eyes’ Presbyopia app for over 50s.

ageing eyes

Mentioning the word ‘ageing’, ‘eyesight’ and ‘app’ in the same sentence may be enough for many to zone out. But stay with us, because if you are hitting middle age, or have started to notice you’re finding it increasingly difficult to read phone messages or read labels at the supermarket, this app could save you


Men neglecting eye health at the expense of their overall wellbeing

men's health

Men are neglecting the health of their eyes to the detriment of their overall wellbeing, according to Optometry Australia.


5 beauty secrets only your optometrist can tell you


No matter what you’re packing in your makeup kit, bloodshot and puffy eyes are never beautiful.  Eyes are particularly vulnerable to infection and some beauty procedures even put your vision at risk.


WIN 1 of 6 Specsavers vouchers


Specsavers have launched a range designed specifically for everyday comfort and style and to celebrate the launch of the new ComFit eyewear range Life Begins At and Specsavers are offering 6 lucky readers the chance to win a voucher for one complete pair of glasses from the ComFit range’ and includes glasses frames and lenses required by the