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Don’t suffer pain in silence – prepare for the painkiller law changes


As of February 1st 2018, codeine-based painkillers will no longer be available over-the-counter in Australia. While the change will bring Australia in line with most other Western countries, the change may leave some feeling anxious about the future of their pain management.


Take care mixing medicine and merriment

mixing medicine

Mixing medicine with certain foods or drink, including alcohol, can change how a medicine works in your body, meaning we should take care mixing medicine during the during the festive season.


Vaccine could give hope to breast cancer patients

breast cancer

Australian researchers are working on a revolutionary vaccine to help people in their fight against breast cancer and gastric cancer.


Aspirin may protect against some cancers


 A trial has found that long-term aspirin use may reduce the risk of a number of digestive cancers.


Dr Ross Walker: Things to know about Ubiquinol for heart health, cholesterol, statins and ageing

Dr Ross Walker is an eminent practicing cardiologist with a passion for integrative health. We sat down with Dr Walker to talk about the natural ways we can support our heart, and our health as we age, with one such way being daily supplementation with the ingredient Ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the active form of CoQ10, which has been reduced to make


Australian of the Year to trial new cancer treatment

Australian of the year

Former Australian of the Year Ian Frazer is close to starting clinical human trials on a new vaccine that could be used to treat head and neck cancer.


Dire warning on antibiotic resistance

antibiotics resistance

Without intervention to reduce overprescription of antibiotics by GPs, deaths from currently treatable infections will overtake all cancer deaths by 2050.


Dr Ross Walker’s 4 natural ingredients to help ease arthritis


With World Arthritis Day taking place today, leading integrative cardiologist and health expert, Dr Ross Walker says diet, lifestyle and specific natural ingredients may help with managing arthritis pain.


How to properly get rid of your expired and unwanted medications

unwanted medicine

It’s that time of year when we’re all thinking about spring cleaning our homes. But while the spots in our home where we spend most of our time (like our living rooms and bedrooms) get all the attention, there’s one place that tends to be seriously neglected: our medicine cabinets!


Why your medicine cabinet might be a health hazard

10 years ago, if you told someone that using cleaning products could be harmful to their health they’d think you were being dramatic. But these days, it’s far more commonly accepted that the things lying around your home can potentially be toxic. Thanks to this awareness, many people have been throwing away their traditional cleaning,