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Dr Ross Walker’s 4 natural ingredients to help ease arthritis


With World Arthritis Day taking place today, leading integrative cardiologist and health expert, Dr Ross Walker says diet, lifestyle and specific natural ingredients may help with managing arthritis pain.


How to properly get rid of your expired and unwanted medications

unwanted medicine

It’s that time of year when we’re all thinking about spring cleaning our homes. But while the spots in our home where we spend most of our time (like our living rooms and bedrooms) get all the attention, there’s one place that tends to be seriously neglected: our medicine cabinets!


Put down booze, it’s killing you, new research shows

reducing alcohol intake

Reducing alcohol intake Australia-wide would lead to fewer cancer deaths, new research has found.


It’s a fact – women get better with age

women get better with age

New research finds that post-menopausal women become happier as they get older, writes Cheryl Critchley.


Radiotherapy hope for prostate cancer

prostate cancer

A targeted form of radiotherapy can cure prostate cancer in men whose disease was previously thought to be incurable, research suggests.


Insured breast cancer patients worse off, report finds

breast cancer

Breast cancer patients with private health insurance appear to be financially worse off compared to those who rely on Medicare, a report has found.


How to look fresh, beautiful and makeup free

makeup free

Can you imagine your life without makeup? No, not many of us could. Can we look fresh and beautiful and be makeup free? Is it even possible?


Why your medicine cabinet might be a health hazard

10 years ago, if you told someone that using cleaning products could be harmful to their health they’d think you were being dramatic. But these days, it’s far more commonly accepted that the things lying around your home can potentially be toxic. Thanks to this awareness, many people have been throwing away their traditional cleaning,


#mindthefacts – Vote ‘YES’ for better youth mental health, evidence reveals

mental health

As many as 3000 youth suicide attempts could be averted each year with a ‘YES’ vote for marriage equality, the nation’s leading youth mental health organisations have revealed today.


Health Check: what’s better for you, fresh, dried or frozen fruit?

fruit and vegetables

The recommendation “eat more fruit and vegetables” is one of the most common we hear when we’re encouraged to eat healthily. But when it comes to eating more fruit, we get mixed messages about how healthy fruit really is. Duane Mellor, Ekavi Georgousopoulou,  Nenad Naumovski and Senaka Ranadheera investigate.