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What To Do With What You Can’t Take With You

We are born hoarders. My wife loves her Grandfather clock inherited from her father. I confess to liking it too. I have my antique egg grading scale, and we both have photos, a piano, furniture, trinkets and treasures, some valuable, some not.  The assumption that we are custodians of our family heirlooms held in trust for the next generation


A Place For Change


A place for change Dunlea Centre, Australia’s Original Boys’ Town, is a residential, family preservation agency. The therapeutic work is focused upon troubled young people and their families who are in crisis and at risk of family breakdown. Through a holistic, wrap around model of service delivery, the Dunlea Centre is able to support and


The Extraordinary Impact of Giving

Making a bequest to diabetes research is an extraordinary act that can make a life-changing difference to the health of those you love – and millions of people across the world. In the past 10 years at Diabetes Research WA*, we’ve been able to raise an amazing $4.5 million for research into all forms of diabetes thanks


A chance to pay back


“I hope my gift will make it possible for others to live long and happy lives.” – Barbara Smith Thanks to a clinical trial, Barbara Smith was able to beat a rare but aggressive form of cancer. Now in remission, Barbara is grateful for the extra years she has lived, and wants to pay it


Funeral Research shows we ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’

In the first research of its kind to identify attitudes and expectations about funerals, its become evident that Australians are ditching solemn and serious funerals in favour of relaxed and reflective occasions. “While many people see funerals as somber occasions almost 90% want their own to be relaxed and reflective, celebratory or fun and irreverent