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Investing in property for your retirement

investing in property

If you are investing or planning on investing in property for your retirement, there are a few things you need to consider.


Where to buy into the property market in 2018

property market

With crystal ball gazing property trends in 2018, Mozo property expert, Steve Jovcevski, expects prices to further cool in the major housing market of Sydney, while Melbourne will enjoy a spike in property value. Brisbane houses should slowly increase while Hobart will continue to be the star performer. Read more about each city…


New depreciation legislation for Australian property investors

property depreciation legislation

In one of the most dramatic changes to property depreciation legislation in more than 15 years, Parliament has passed the Treasury Laws Amendment (Housing Tax Integrity) Bill 2017 as at Wednesday 15th November 2017, with the Bill now legislation.


Why wait, earn more now from your investment property

Claiming depreciation and using a Pay As You Go withholding variation can increase your fortnightly cash flow. Though investors often use negative gearing to offset the costs involved with owning a property, most have the aim to eventually use the property primarily as a source of income and to generate wealth.


What comes after the housing boom?

housing boom

After surging for five years, Australia’s hot property market may finally be cooling. So what happens if house prices fall? Brendan Coates, Grattan Institute, investigates.


Tips to family proof your investment property

investment property

Safety is one of the primary areas of concern for tenants. In fact, a Real Estate View survey conducted in 2014 showed that 53.9 per cent of renters ranked safety as always important. 


Styling the family home to sell with Nicole Jacobs

Nicole Jacobs

You might recognise Nicole Jacobs from her time on Channel 9’s The Block, where she stands front and centre, ready to purchase the hottest properties for her clients. An expert in knowing what buyers are looking for, Nicole shares her tips for styling the family home ready to sell.


Divorce later in life, next steps new directions


Many men and women are experiencing divorce at a later age and grappling with the reality of splitting assets, including selling the family home and the litany of complications that result. What is often lacking once the family home has been sold, and funds have been divided, is guidance re buying their next home and providing


Cash poor, asset rich – refinancing a reverse mortgage: Is it a good idea?

reverse mortgage

Are cash-poor and asset-rich retirees looking to access funds via reverse mortgages to cope with the cost of retirement. is reporting they are. The the new changes to the age pension assets test affecting hundreds of thousands of retirees, many have had to reassess their financial situation and look at how they can live comfortably into retirement.


Why you don’t need $1m to retire

“YOU need $1 million in retirement”, is what you hear most financial planners say.  These figures can be scary as you approach retirement age.  The Retiree recently spoke with Scott Pape, aka The Barefoot Investor, who lost everything he owned to a bush fire; years of memories, wedding photos and his son’s toys — all