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Doctors warned following codeine overhaul


Doctors have been warned to watch out for codeine-dependent patients following the introduction of prescription-only codeine drugs earlier this month.


Kate Middleton sparks change: there’s no shame in not buying new

Kate Middleton

Later this month I’m attending a wedding. I’m going to wear a dress I’ve worn before. In fact, it’s a dress I’ve worn many times before. People are appalled. Rachel Smith talks about the change Kate Middleton has brought with her love of recycling outfits.


Guide dogs – retraining the underdogs

guide dogs

Dogs that don’t graduate seeing-eye school are being trained up as special assistance dogs and helping people with younger onset dementia live fuller, happier lives writes Annie Rahilly of the University of Melbourne


Investing in property for your retirement

investing in property

If you are investing or planning on investing in property for your retirement, there are a few things you need to consider.


How to make some money for your next overseas holiday NOW!

scholarship for retirees

Travel is the number one goal for retirees, but as we know, travelling and holidays all cost money. Here are some top tips for saving for your next dream trip.


Is sunshine the wonder drug for brain power as we age?

brain power

A sunny day can make you feel happy, but it may also help retain some of your cognitive powers. New research suggests that vitamin D, often obtained through sun exposure, might be good for our brains, particularly those of women. Cheryl Critchley from the University of Melbourne reports.


Five reasons you should be drinking turmeric for your health today


Turmeric is becoming one of the most popular superfoods amongst Australians. Previously only used as a golden spice in curries, now turmeric has been found to have incredible health benefits. Its main active ingredient is “curcumin” – which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects for the brain and body. Erin Young, health writer & founder


Do you need a digital detox to reduce your anxiety?

digital detox

Why ‘digital detoxing’ is the new New Year’s resolution. Social media and internet addiction is driving more people to seek treatment for anxiety, says clinical psychologist Jenny McGee at The Buttery Private. Traditionally, the new year is a time to kick-start healthy habits, with resolutions to quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. However, in 2018 more Australians than ever are


Beware of this ingredient in your granola….


This one ingredient could be hiding in your daily granola….and it isn’t healthy for you! Erin Young, health writer & founder of Zen Green Tea, shares with us some healthy matcha and turmeric granola recipes.


How to reduce anxiety during the festive season

festive season

It may be Christmas, generally this is when everybody should be jolly, but what if you feel like the original Grinch? We’ve asked naturopath, nutritionist and Eagle Natural Health Advisor Teresa Mitchell-Paterson for some simple tricks to help you, and your family, enjoy the festive season.