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Hooded, droopy eyes – the do’s and dont’s

hooded eyes

Popular Youtube beauty Vlogger, Nisha from Sugar Puff and Fluff, shows you tricks for hooded eyes makeup. Hooded eyes are lovely, but as we get older they can make us look tired and make the eye shadow application more challenging.


Man’s best friend keeps older owners active

man's best friend

Walking the dog may boost older people’s physical activity, come rain or shine, is linked to less daily sitting time and could be part of exercise on prescription, say researchers. It’s hard to ignore a dog desperate to go out for its daily walk, and UK researchers say the sad puppy eyes guilt trip is what helps


Added sugar label needed for packaged foods: health expert

added sugar

New analysis has found 70 per cent of packaged foods sold on Australian supermarket shelves contain added sugar not identified on the product label.


Jet-setting Australians plagued by travel sickness

travel sickness

New research shows that Australian travellers are losing precious holiday time as they’re not aware of the health risks associated with travel.


Drug holds promise of cure for flu and colds

Australian researchers believe they’ve developed a drug that might be a cure for flu and the common cold.


Australian sparkling wine takes fizz out of the French

Australian sparkling wine

Australian sparkling wine makers are taking some of the fizz out of their French competitors amid a surge in demand for Aussie bubbly.


48hrs in Munich: explore the highlights on a city break


Fairy-tale streets, green gardens, stunning architecture, and beer – there’s a lot to do and see on a weekend holiday in Munich, writes Lukas Johannes.


How to: Under eye concealer on mature skin without creasing

under eye concealer

Popular Youtube beauty vlogger, Nisha from Sugar Puff and Fluff guides you through how to apply an under eye concealer on mature skin to minimise creasing and settling in fine lines. 


Breaking down the science around grazing vs fasting

grazing vs fasting

For years we have been told that weight loss is simply about calories in vs calories out and eating more frequent meals. Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Fiona Kane believes this has driven more obesity, more eating disorders and messed up many people’s relationship to food and their bodies.


Iron in brain linked to Alzhiemer’s


Australian researchers say they’ve made a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research that points towards a potential new therapy to slow, if not stop, the progression of the brain disease. Scientists at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and the CSIRO have for the first time shown an association between higher levels of iron in