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We all love our fur babies, but the sad truth is that the summer season is peak time for animal shelters across the country. Many experience a significant increase of surrendered pets between December and February. With this in mind, we are encouraging our readers to adopt a furry friend when considering a new addition to their family.

“There are currently thousands of animals across the country in need of a new home. By adopting, not only will you be bringing the joy of a new pet to your family, but you will also be saving a life,” said Ryan Rudge, General Manager Services & Store Development, Petbarn.

“Before you welcome any new pet into your family, it’s important to consider different lifestyle factors to make sure you select the right pet for you. By taking the time to research and choose a pet that complements your lifestyle, you’ll ensure a happy and long life together,” said Mr Rudge.

Petbarn is a strong supporter of pet adoption and has partnerships with a number of animal welfare groups including the RSCPA, Peninsula Cat Rescue and Furry Friends Animal Rescue.

In partnership with these organisations, Petbarn operates dedicated Pet Adoption Centres in over 100 stores nationally, which assist with rehoming cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, among other animals.

Importantly, 100 per cent of the adoption fee collected by Petbarn is returned to the charity partner. All cats and dogs are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped before being brought into store.

Before welcoming a new pet to the family, Mr Rudge encourages people to consider the following factors:

  • The amount of time you could spend with a pet
  • The size of your house including indoor and outdoor space in your home
  • The amount of money you are willing to spend on the pet, including food and healthcare
  • What your life might look like in the future, thinking 5-10 years ahead about potential changes to your family situation, career or living situation

“While many of us would love to have a cat or dog, it might not be suited to everyone’s lifestyle. By considering these factors, pet owners will be well-prepared to make the right choice when getting a pet,” said Mr Rudge.

The Pet Foundation is currently running the Tree of Hope Appeal whereby people can purchase a $3, $5, or $10 Christmas decoration, with all profits going to local animal shelters. The Pet Foundation were able to donate a recording breaking $633,000 to pet related causes last year. The fundraising campaign will run until 24th December 2016.

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Alana Lowes
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