5 moves you can do at home while watching the Australian Open tennis

Australian Open

If the energy and agility of your favourite tennis players has inspired you while watching the Australian Open, put your time to good use and try some strength based exercises while you watch. Danielle Steedman, Naturopath and Blackmores Wellbeing Coach has 5 moves to do while you are at home watching the Australian Open. 


  • Tricep dips


Arms are one of the key muscles used in tennis, which is why they deserve a little extra attention. To strengthen your arms, start with some dips, which focus heavily on your triceps, whilst also improving strength in your chest and shoulders.

The move: Use either the edge of the sofa, sofa arm, or coffee table. Place your hands shoulder-width on your chosen surface and move your body so that it’s off the sofa. Either bend your knees or extend your legs in front of you. Straighten your arms, then slowly bend your elbows to lower your body towards the floor until your arms are at a 90-degree angle.

Repeat: 15 – 20 reps


  • Lunges


Australian Open tennis players need strong quad muscles, thanks to the explosive movements used to dash around the court, volleying and serving. Jump lunges will help improve your explosive strength, coordination and also your ability to react quickly. They are easily modified to normal lunges if needed.

The move: Lunge down while leaning your torso slightly (without rounding your spine over). Breathe out and jump straight up, swinging your arms over your head, extending your torso. Land gently on the ground returning to the same position you started in.

Repeat: 10 reps on each side


  • Standing stretch


To prevent tennis elbow, it is important to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the elbow joint.

The move: Stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart, bending forwards, while keeping your chest upright and your back flat. Raise your arms alongside your body until your arms are on either side of your ears. Keep your shoulder blades down. Lower your arms until your body and arms form a ‘T’. Return to starting position.

Repeat: 10 reps


  • Drop squats


Squats are a fundamental movement for any sport and this simple exercise can help improve your speed and agility on the court, whilst also helping you develop the power needed for those ground strokes.

The move: Standing upright, place your feet together. Quickly drop down into a squat, bending both knees, and pop right back up to the start position.

Repeat: 10 reps


  • Full body stretch


Your upper and lower body needs to be in sync so that you can swing your racquet correctly.

The move: Stand with your legs straight, then bend over until your hands touch the ground. Keep your legs straight and walk your hands out in front of you until your body reaches a ‘plank’ position.

Repeat: Return to standing and repeat 10 times.




About Danielle Steedman

Danielle Steedman has been a practicing Naturopath for more than 17 years, with time spent in clinical practice in Australia and the UK, and working in various corporate environments in education, training and product development.  With a balanced approach to health, Danielle’s naturopathic philosophy is to educate patients through dietary and lifestyle choices and support healing with nutrition and herbal medicine. Danielle is a Blackmores Wellbeing Coach. Blackmores is empowering Australians to take control of their health and wellbeing. To start your wellbeing journey and get your personalised health plan, visit the Blackmores Wellbeing Check at www.wellbeingcheck.com.au

Blackmores is an official sponsor of the Australian Open.

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